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P Jon Ryan and LB Abdul Hodge Released

I was a little surprised at first, but the release of Ryan and Hodge make sense.

Someone had to be released so they could sign a long snapper. It turns out Hodge drew the short straw. I love the guy, but every other linebacker on the roster is good too. Hodge is either the 6th, 7th, or 8th linebacker on the roster. Maybe they could keep 8 linebackers if they played a 3-4, but keeping Hodge would have been a luxury, not a necessity.

I'm not surprised Ryan finally lost his job. Although he led the team in rushing during the final preseason game and he has a big leg, he isn't a good directional kicker. Ryan was the 2nd worst at touchbacks last season, and only pinned 18 kicks inside the 20 last season. Former Washington P Derrick Frost isn't much better at either, but he is an improvement, although Ryan had a better net kick average last season. Frost also thinks he got screwed by Washington who were determined to keep the rookie kicker they drafted in the 6th round, P Durant Brooks. Either Frost is right, or he has something to prove this season. It's debatable that Frost is better, but I'm glad they are trying to improve their punting.