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More About Aaron Rodgers

Although his 3 TD performance does need to be put in perspective, it came against an awful Detroit pass defense, he did some things that showed why he can be a great QB.

First TD pass to James Jones. He escaped the pass rush from the left DE, a nice move but lots of NFL QBs can do it, but while rolling to his right he threw a perfect pass to Jones in the right corner of the end zone. He put it in a spot that only Jones, or maybe WR Greg Jennings who was standing wide open behind him, could catch. QBs that are not going to have a long NFL career, like Minnesota's Tavaris Jackson, haven't shown the ability to be that accurate on the move.

Second TD pass to Donald Driver. It looked "easy" but the TD pass was all Rodgers. From Detroit's 2 yard line, Driver ran to the goal line and turned around and waited for the pass. A linebacker was right next to him, but before Rodgers threw it, he looked straight ahead to keep the linebacker behind Driver's left shoulder. He froze him, and the linebacker couldn't move towards Driver without leaving the middle open. Then Rodgers flipped a quick pass to Driver's right shoulder and he caught it untouched. Detroit had Driver covered, but Rodgers froze the defender and made it look easy although it wasn't something many NFL QBs are good at. One of the reasons why QB Jon Kitna threw three straight INTs was his inability to look off his intended receivers.