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Keeping Up With Koren Robinson

WR Koren Robinson was the weak link among Packers receivers last season. He wasn't awful, but he was below average among a group of receivers that were all above. He also failed to deliver big plays on kick returns, the thing that made him a Pro Bowl player for Minnesota back in 2005.

It's understandable that Seattle gave up on their young former 1000 yard receiver after all the troubles he had during his first few years in the league. I laughed when I read the headline, but it's not surprising Seattle has brought him back. Of course Mike Holmgren had to make a funny:

As Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren put it earlier Monday, "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

Actually this makes a lot of sense for them right now. He can still play, a little, and he knows Holmgren's offense and worked with QB Matt Hasselbeck. They've lost three receivers to injury already this season while they wait for Ingram and Branch to come back from injuries. He would probably still be a Packer this season if they hadn't drafted WR Jordy Nelson, although GM Ted Thompson might not have felt the need to draft Nelson if Robinson was a good receiver, so I hope his return to Seattle works out, except when the Packers play at Seattle in October.