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Stop Terrell Owens, Win The Game

This article is from last week and discussed the effect WR Terrell Owens will have on the game last Monday night against Philadelphia:

When the Cowboys routed the Eagles 38-17 in Week 9 last season, Owens caught 10 passes for 174 yards. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson didn't blitz much in that contest; he dropped extra defenders into zones and tried to roll the coverage to stop Owens. The plan backfired, and Owens found plenty of soft spots to exploit.

I didn't watch all of the Monday night game, so I don't know what Jim Johnson was doing, but Philadelphia managed zero sacks and Owens caught 3 passes for 89 yards and 2 TDs. Obviously whatever Philadelphia was doing on Monday didn't work. There was a lot going on in that game, but Owens was one of the big reasons why Dallas won on Monday.

The announced plan is to shut down Owens with CB Al Harris. The Packers tried the same thing last season, and that was a complete disaster. Defensive coordinator Bob Sanders tried moving Harris around to stay on Owens at all times and he had 156 yards receiving and 1 TD.

Hopefully they decide against doing it again this season. One big reason why they don't have to rotate Harris on Owens all game long is that CB Charles Woodson will play on Sunday night. Last season, he missed the game with a toe injury.

Dallas can still do a lot of damage on offense with Romo and Barber, TE Jason Witten seperated his shoulder on Monday but appears to be playing right through the pain. But maintaining a constant pass rush on Romo and finding a way to cover up Owens might be the key to victory.