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How's Al Harris Doing?

At this point, maybe he doesn't know what he's going to do. He will be diagnosed on Wednesday, and then make a decision, if he even has an option. I still think he's done for the season. He could play football next season, but who knows if he'll ever be good enough to start again.

The injury guru is Will Carroll, and he passed on saying anything until Thursday. We'll just have to wait.

Assuming his season is over, this doesn't hurt the Packers too much, but it will test their depth.

  • Harris hasn't been great since the 2005 season, and in 2007, Harris was torched in a couple games and has been a pass interference machine during his career. He's not irreplaceable.
  • Nickel CB Tramon Williams is bad with penalties too, but he's probably just as good as Harris. You might remember Williams was last seen getting torched by WR Miles Austin for a long TD bomb, but he actually had good coverage and was beaten by a perfect pass from Romo.
  • 4th CB Will Blackmon moves up into the nickel. Blackmon has good size and speed, unfortunately he's injury prone, and should be good. Also, based on his forced fumble of RB Marion Barber, he might also force some more turnovers.
  • Former nickel CB Jarrett Bush, who was awful this preseason, is still on the roster and could slide in as the 4th cornerback, unless they want to activate rookie CB Pat Lee (he's been inactive the first three games) but he was awful in the preseason too. Still, this is the 4th CB were talking about, so not much is expected from him (unless there is another injury). CB Joe Porter is on the practice squad, he didn't look awful this preseason, and provides another option.