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Matt Millen Is Actually Fired

It's a sad day for Packer fans, Detroit has finally sent Matt Millen packing. It was amazing to watch him continue to run the Lions after so many years of incompetence. It seemed like Detroit would never fire the guy. They let him have three or four extra disastrous years beyond what any other organization would given him. Why stop now? Bill Ford Jr. finally woke from his coma last week and said he would fire Millen, so apparently that got the wheels turning. It probably didn't help that Detroit is on pace, along with that inept Missouri duo of Kansas City and St. Louis, as the worst team in the last fifteen years. Unfortunately the Packers remain the only team this season that actually managed to trail Detroit at any point.

It was ironic that I watched parts of the 1995 NFC Championship game on NFL Network this weekend and Matt Millen was the sideline reporter. Maybe the NFL Network knew something was up.

Detroit was always a tough team to play in the 1980s and 1990s, especially in the Silverdome, but they've been a reliable doormat to help pad the Packers' schedule the last several seasons. There's no guarantee that the Lions will rebound anytime soon, maybe the Ford family will hire another screw up just as bad as Millen, but the Packers were certainly better off with Millen in Detroit's front office.