Harris Possibly Back in 4-6 Weeks

Once again, I get all my information from Kevin Seifert of's NFC North blog.  He does a great job collecting stories from the four areas around the division, including a report from Mike McCarthy's press conference yesterday.

The biggest things from the press conference:

  • Al Harris does not need surgery for his lacerated spleen.  They are going to let the injury heal naturally, and as soon as it does, he can begin contact work.  He's actually going to start conditioning work on Monday.  I tell you what, Minnesota fans are not going to like that.  They do not like Al Harris.
  • Nick Collins will be healthy for the game.  Atari Bigby is questionable, but at least we'll have one starting safety for the game at Tampa.
  • "Tramon Williams is ready."  That's what McCarthy said.  As long as he's got confidence, so do I.

I leave it to Brandon to cover the rest of the injury report.

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