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Packers 21, Tampa Bay 30

This game wasn't as close as the score. As Pack Man said In the comments to the open thread:

this absolutely sucks

if the offense cant get it together this is going to be a long season

During the Favre un-retirement saga, one of the reasons why Mike McCarthy said that Rodgers has to start instead of Favre was that the Packers changed the offense since last season to better suit Rodgers instead of Favre. I would like McCarthy to change the offense back to what it was last season as soon as possible.

The Onion made a joke about it last week, but the offensive line is in bad shape. Maybe you can excuse the lack of a running game against Dallas and Tampa, but they couldn't run against Detroit either and everyone runs against Detroit. The line got no push against Tampa's d-line, and RB Ryan Grant had no where to run. Not to take any blame off of Grant, he had a bad game and a killer fumble too, but the offensive line gave him nothing. Rodgers had his worst game, even before he got injured. None of the receivers, except WR Greg Jennings, are getting open.

The only thing that kept this game close was the two big TD passes to Jennings, and the play of the Packers secondary and their three INTs, none bigger than CB Charles Woodson's INT he returned for a TD.

It was a rough game for the defensive front seven, DE Aaron Kampman was shutdown and Tampa's offensive line got a lot of push up front, but they got to QB Brian Griese a bunch of times and were good more often than bad. S Nick Collins is working on a career season and CB Tramon Williams had a great game. The defense is playing good enough to win.

Also, the Packers special teams got rolled in this game. Nothing from the return game and new P Derrick Frost was horrible. Frost had a good game against Minnesota, but he's been bad or awful ever since. I've been cutting him some slack after poor Detroit and Dallas games, but this game was inexcusable. The only way he should keep his job next week is if P Jon Ryan is still with Seattle or there is no one worth mentioning available as a street free agent.

I'm not writing off the season. With Minnesota losing again, only Chicago has a chance to tie Green Bay for the lead. No team in the NFC North is going to run away with the division. But the Packers have taken a step back from last season and don't look anything like an NFC division champion.