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Lay Off Derrick Frost

In my post game remarks, I was livid with the crap performance by P Derrick Frost at Tampa. 5 punts, average of 38 yards, with a net of 30. Mike McCarthy stood up for his player:

(You can't keep going with Frost can you?)
That's your opinion. The thing about our punting game, it was not very good...

(So it's other areas than just the punting game?)
Absolutely. It was not a very good performance by special teams.

Actually, in his first four games this season, Frost has an average of 45 yards/punt and net average of 38 yards which are his career bests. Those numbers are better than former P Jon Ryan did in either 2006 or 2007, and Ryan's off to a rough start in his first two games in Seattle this season.

The Tampa game was just one bad game for the special teams after they had played well in the first three. Frost and the special teams deserve more slack than I gave them, and they'll work this week to fix all the stuff that went wrong in Tampa.