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Injuries, Injuries, Injuries

Mike McCarthy's Monday press conference was just a wealth of quotes, but in a good way:

(What's Aaron's prognosis?)
Well, they're going to obviously rehab him today and tomorrow and we'll probably have a better idea Wednesday. Speaking with Aaron this morning, he has every intention on playing, but I think Wednesday's practice will be a pretty good indicator for us. It's just something we'll have to continue to rehab and see where we are Wednesday.

It's important for him to have the strength back in the shoulder, and really to see how well he throws on Wednesday...

(Is Hawk's groin a serious injury?)
It's a pretty good strain. It's something that, ... Wednesday is important. Knowing A.J. I'm sure he'll do everything he can to play this week.

(So you think he could possibly play?)
I can't tell you that. I'll know more Wednesday.

Can you tell that Wednesday is important? There are a lot of injured Packers. A lot of them are playing through painful injuries, S Nick Collins (back) and CB Charles Woodson (broken toe) are two of them, but it's hard to say on Tuesday who's out for next Sunday's game. As McCarthy said, Wednesday is important, but also we will have to wait and see who practices Wednesday through Friday.