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AFC Playoffs: Baltimore 13, Tennessee 10

The winner of this game is going to the Super Bowl. If Tennessee had won, then they would have beaten Pittsburgh or San Diego. It promises to be one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory. It's hard to get too excited about Baltimore's high powered offense that runs a lot of seven offensive linemen sets.

Baltimore's offense did nothing in this game. 211 yards of total offense and they ran 19 fewer plays then Tennessee. But QB Joe Flacco wasn't sacked and didn't turn the ball over. They made Tennessee work the length of the field and commit 3 turnovers while trying to do it. Flacco also got some major help from the refs by missing a key delay of game penalty on the game winning drive. He'll get a lot of positive press for playing so well as a rookie who doesn't make any mistakes in a vanilla offensive scheme, but Baltimore's defense is taking them to the Super Bowl.