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Moving Slowly To Hire A New Defensive Coordinator

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I wondered why Mike Nolan would jump for the defensive coordinator job in Denver when it seemed he had the inside track in Green Bay. Maybe it's because Nolan wanted to make sure he landed a job somewhere, and Mike McCarthy takes his time when deciding who to hire:

"Nevertheless, one of the sources said McCarthy isn't panicking and has no problem being deliberate in his search...

McCarthy, an offensive-oriented coach who took a similarly deliberate approach before hiring deposed defensive coordinator Bob Sanders from among four finalists in 2006, still has a bevy of options even if [former Jacksonville defensive coordinator Gregg ]Williams goes elsewhere."

St. Louis interim head coach Jim Haslett has interviewed with McCarthy too, although he probably will be hired as the permanent head coach of the Rams. 

Current Packers' assistant head coach Winston Moss interviewed in Oakland, but I was surprised that he said that the interview might have been for defensive coordinator since the Packers can block any interview that is not for the head coaching job:

Moss said Davis contacted him to interview for a job that's been open since the season ended Dec. 28. If Moss isn't hired as head coach, he is open to becoming the defensive coordinator.

"I want to help them win as many games as they could," Moss said. "As a former player, having a chance to come up and lead a football team as a head coach or in whatever capacity Mr. Davis feels would help the team, I'd be interested."

Moss is the first minority candidate to interview for the head-coaching position, which satisfies the league's Rooney Rule and clears Davis to make a hire as soon as he wants.

Moss has already interviewed in St. Louis, but he isn't considered as one of the finalists. I hope he isn't getting these interviews just to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

As I've said before, as long as McCarthy hires a good coach, I don't really care who it is. If the Packers improve the defense, it will be in large part because they improve the roster.