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The Green Bay Royal Rumble Continues

If nothing else, McCarthy and Co. are certainly being thorough. After we (read: me) thought that it was down to Jim Haslett and Winston Moss, with Sean McDermott as a dark horse, the Packers brought in another high-profile candidate. According to Adam Schefter of, New England assistant coach Dom Capers was brought in for an interview on Friday. Schefter, ever the comedian, dropped this little gem on us:

As they have attempted to fill their defensive coordinator job, the Packers have brought in Mike Nolan and Gregg Williams. Nolan took the Broncos’ defensive coordinator job, and Williams went to the Saints. Now, the Packers have Patriots assistant coach Dom Capers visiting and interviewing for the job. Which means Capers likely will land a job elsewhere.

Ha. In all seriousness, though, I actually believe that Capers would be the best man for the job. Nolan and Williams were safe choices, but they simply don't "wow" me as coaches. Capers, however, has been a head coach in Carolina and Houston and has spent significant time in Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Miami, and New England. He's well respected, knowledgeable, and interacts well with players. That comes as close to wow-ing me as any available assistants out there. He really could whip this defense into shape. If only Green Bay could close the deal.