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AFC and NFC Championship Games Roundup

Just think, this time last year, we were watching QB Brett Favre throw his last pass as a Green Bay Packer, caught by Corey Webster of the NY Giants. It's amazing all the things that have changed since that depressing game (no more Favre, losing season, many coaches fired). But Arizona has proved that all you have to do is somehow make the playoffs, play hard, get a couple breaks, and you can find yourself in the Super Bowl.

I really wanted to watch the Philadelphia at Arizona game, Arizona won 32 to 25, but I only got to watch parts of the 2nd quarter when WR Larry Fitzgerald looked unstoppable. Looking at the stats, it reminded me of a number of Packer losses this season. Philadelphia did a lot of things right in the game, they had almost 80 more yards of total offense and took the lead in the 4th quarter, but they did just enough wrong to lose. From Bleeding Green Nation:

We lost this game because we didn't show up in the first half. The offense did next to nothing and the defense was dominated. They made a valiant effort in the second half to redeem themselves but the hole they dug was too big.

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald's amazing postseason continues. Will Pittsburgh have any answer for this guy? From Revenge of the Birds:

All week I heard how the Eagles wouldn’t make the mistake that the Panthers did and let Fitzgerald beat them!! How did that work out 3 TD’s in the first half.
The Cardiac Cards were alive and kicking in this one I think I lost about 10 years during that second half!

I don’t know how I am going to cope waiting 2 weeks for this game!

Meanwhile, I got to watch most of the boring Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 14. I didn't expect any offense in that game, and boy was I right. Pittsburgh had two long pass plays, one for 45 yards to WR Hines Ward and one for 65 yards to WR Santonio Holmes, for a combined 110 yards. On their other 63 plays, they totaled 165 yards. That's almost as bad as Baltimore's stunning 198 yards of total offense on 58 plays. That's just not my type of game.

From Behind the Steel Curtain:

I suppose a hearty congratulations and job well done are in order to the Rooneys and Kevin Colbert as well for nabbing Tomlin unexpectedly and for surrounding him with both the kind of talent and character guys necessary to make all of this happen.

Baltimore's fans are stunned, just stunned, from Baltimore Beatdown:

I REALLY expected us to shock the world and win this game! Everyone at ESPN, CBS, and Fox picked the Steelers. Only John Madden took the Ravens. I so wanted to call in to Sirius NFL Radio Monday to really give it to them. Now I have to listen to them gloat on TV and Radio, as well as the Steelers fans who “troll” over on this site to rub it in. Doubt I’ll sleep well tonite.


May seem harsh to you all but I mean it, this man has played like crap in the playoffs. I honestly would have prefered Kyle Boller in that post season game. He may not be consistent but at least the man can throw the deep ball.

A QB Kyle Boller fan? I think this was posted by Brian Billick.