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Mike McCarthy Wants A Veteran Defensive Coordinator

Four coaches have interviewed with the Packers; Mike Nolan, Gregg Williams, Jim Haslett, and Dom Capers. Each one had success as a defensive coordinator, and all have left something to be desired as a head coach. Nolan and Williams have already found jobs, but Haslett and Capers remain possibilities. Is any one of these guys clearly better than the other? If the Packers do end up with Haslett or Capers, which is not a given, does it really matter which one of the four veteran coaches the Packers end up with?

Mike Nolan Gregg Williams Jim Haslett Dom Capers
Age 49 50 53 58
Has Been Coaching in the NFL Since 1987 1990 1993 1986
Years as Head Coach 3.5 3 5.75 9
Years as Defensive Coordinator 11 9 6.25 6
Previous Job Head Coach with San Francisco Defensive Coordinator with Jacksonville Head Coach with St. Louis Special Assistant with New England
Current Job Defensive Coordinator with Denver Defensive Coordinator with New Orleans Still Looking Still Looking

All these guys are good coaches who got fired from head coaching jobs after they failed to turn bad to average teams into great ones. That still doesn't change the fact that they are all good coaches. Any of them would do a good job. None of them will do any better than ex-defensive coordinator Bob Sanders if GM Ted Thompson fails to improve the defensive players on the field.