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Aaron Rodgers and His Shoulder

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It wasn't clear whether QB Aaron Rodgers would need surgery to repair his throwing shoulder. Although he injured it in week 4 and went on to start the next 12 games, it was never given a chance to really heal.

Greg Bedard is at the Senior Bowl and found out that Rodgers is doing great:

Doesn't look like Aaron Rodgers is going to have shoulder surgery. Ran into David Dunn, Rodgers' agent, after the South practice and he said Rodgers has not seen a doctor yet and probably won't. "He felt great at the end of the season, went on his two-week vacation and still felt great," Dunn said.

On a related note, it was a major scare when Rodgers got hurt and it looked like rookie QB Matt Flynn might have to start. Do you think Flynn, and former rookie QB Brian Brohm, should be more than capable to backup Rodgers next season? Or should GM Ted Thompson sign a free agent veteran and let Flynn and Brohm duke it out for the number 3 job. The loser, I guess, would be traded.