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Adding Mike Trgovac to the Defensive Coaching Staff

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Former Carolina defensive coordinator Mike Trogvac has been hired as the defensive line coach:

The Packers consider Trgovac's hiring a big coup because up until a week ago he was the defensive coordinator of a playoff team. The Panthers offered Trgovac a contract to return as defensive coordinator next year, but he turned it down, feeling it was time to move on.

He's been the defensive coordinator in Carolina for the last seven seasons and coached a lot of good defenses for them. This does close the door on any possibility the Packers were interested in DE Julius Peppers. Panther fans aren't too sad to see him go:

This is good news for a lot of Panthers fans. I want to think this is a good move but it really depends on who we get to replace him AND... a big AND whether Julius Peppers stays. We can only speculate his reasons as this point but I would have to imagine it has something to do with the lack of confidence in his schemes emanating from the fan base and more importantly his key players, namely Peppers.

Trgovac and Mike McCarthy coached together on the 1999 team under Ray Rhodes, and they were both fired at the end of that disasterous season:

Wolf was one of the few front-office people in the NFL who would admit a mistake, like he did with Ray Rhodes as head coach and with some of his draft picks, and cut his losses instead of trying to prove himself right.