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NFC Wild Card Action; Arizona 30, Atlanta 24

Arizona 30, Atlanta 24.

I haven't watched either of these teams very much this season, but I was surprised that RB Michael Turner didn't have a better game. Then I looked at his stats at Football Outsiders and saw they only had him ranked as the 19th best RB this season. He's had a lot of production this season, but also too many carries. He looked really indecisive trying to find the opening in the defensive line.

In hindsight; this was a bad matchup for Atlanta. Their pass defense is average, and Arizona's pass offense is outstanding. It was asking a lot from their defense to stop them all game. And Arizona's run defense is average, but they were up to the challenge when playing at home against a slightly overrated Atlanta run offense. QB Matt Ryan had a good game, but made some rookie mistakes (i.e. taking a safety in the 4th quarter) and it was asking a lot for him to carry the team to a victory.