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AFC Wild Card Madness: Colts 17, Bolts 23 (OT)

This game was a rematch of last season when San Diego won at Indianapolis. This time the Bolts win in San Diego.

Here's the SB Nation Colts site - Stampede Blue. Chargers site at Bolts from the Blue.

I missed the OT period, but I saw about half the game. The Colts defense played like the Packers D; great pass defense and a run defense that couldn't stop RB Brent Fullwood. San Diego even managed to blow a few extra opportunities in the game. I saw the Bolts secondary drop at least 3 INTs, RB Darren Sproles was the hero but he had a fumble into the end zone in the 3rd quarter, and QB Philip Rivers threw a dumb INT into the end zone when they were in FG range. They also allowed the long TD bomb to WR Reggie Wayne while the Bolts defense was just standing around.

In the press conference, Colts head coach Tony Dungy said Bolts P Mike Scifres was the difference in the game. That didn't seem possible but the Colts were killed with bad field position. Both San Diego TD drives in the 2nd quarter started in Indianapolis territory.