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Sunday Wild Card Playoff Mayhem

Baltimore 27, Miami 9. I saw very little of this game, but the outcome doesn't surprise me. Next week's Baltimore at Tennessee game should decide who goes to the Super Bowl. I'd put Pittsburgh right there with them, but I'm not convinced QB Ben Roethlisberger will overcome his concussion.

Minnesota 14, Philadelphia 26. One player was the difference in this game; QB Tarvaris Jackson. God he was awful. He only had 15 completions, and 3 came in the meaningless last drive. His only TD pass was a pick 6 to CB Asante Samuel. It's really too bad for Minnesota. Their defense was great and RB Adrian Peterson had a good game against a great Philly run defense. They played good enough to win, but Jackson held them back. It's good for Packer fans, but Minnesota has a low team ceiling as long as Jackson is their QB.

Next week; Philadelphia at NY Giants and Baltimore at Tennessee should be the games that decide who goes to the Super Bowl. Arizona is a horrible matchup against Carolina's great pass defense and lousy run defense. San Diego at Pittsburgh could be a good game, but I don't think either have a chance against the other AFC teams.