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Packers Strength: Rodgers and The Run Defense

I started out by looking at what the Green Bay Packers need to fix. Bottom line: the pass protection and the secondary can be better as soon as next week. Despite a mediocre 2-2 record, there is still a lot of football yet to play, and some good reasons to remain optimistic.

Build around QB Aaron Rodgers: After four weeks, he's listed as only the No. 13 QB overall by Football Outsiders, but consider that they count sacks against the QB. He's currently sitting with a QB rating of 101.1. And that's with a disappointing season from WR Greg Jennings and awful pass protection. And as I described in an earlier post, the pass protection can be fixed.

Build around the run defense: You would have never caught me saying that last season. The 141 yards they allowed to RB Cedric Benson is still a nasty bruise, but they've also had big games shutting down RB Matt Forte and RB Adrian Peterson. This is a much better unit than last season, and now they've proven it in more than one game. The entire defense has struggled with consistency, which isn't too surprising since it's going to take some time getting used to playing for Dom Capers. The same goes for Capers; he's got to figure out who are his best players. The big moment for them was the 4th quarter against the Vikings. Last season, the run defense would have struggled and let Peterson run out the clock. But last week, the Vikings were held to 1 first down in the 4th quarter, and the defense gave the offense a chance at a comeback.