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Return Of Mark Tauscher

No matter the case, there's been an awful lot of clamoring for the Packers to resign Mark Tauscher.  Sadly, that just won't happen.

-Mitchell_M, Sign Mark Tauscher?, 9/15/09

It's interesting to see how much difference a month can make.  After about two weeks of workouts, examinations, and debate, Mark Tauscher has been signed and added to the Green Bay roster.  To compensate, Will Blackmon was placed on IR for the season with an ACL injury.

I don't eat my words very often, but I have to say, this particular instance isn't as bad as it could be.  I originally denied that the team would sign him because they would put their efforts into improving Allen Barbre...which was anywhere between a slight success and a failure-slightly-less-bad-than-moving-Colledge-to-LT.  No matter the case, I'm happy that he's healthy and is getting another shot at playing.

I have a few questions: will he start right away?  There's no question that they brought Tauscher back in order to replace Allen Barbre, but will he be ready by next Sunday against the Lions?  And if he's ready, exactly how effective will he be?

Somewhat less urgent, but no less important: will Tauscher hold a grudge against management for not signing him in good faith that his rehab would be complete by October?  Or does he recognize that his age (32) and injury (ACL tear) were two huge red flags that kept him on the free agent market for the entire offseason, preseason, and regular season to date?

Tauscher's signing does answer one question, however.  It shows us that Ted Thompson and the rest of the management will not let Aaron Rodgers get killed without at least trying other options.  Kevin Seifert of sums it up nicely:

Tauscher isn’t a cure-all for the Packers’ problems in pass protection. He’s returning from a serious injury and hasn’t done any football-style conditioning work since December. But if nothing else, the Packers have sent an effective message that they won’t stand pat indefinitely after allowing 20 sacks during the first four games of the season.