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Packers News: Game Times, DeShawn Wynn, and Mark Tauscher

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I wasn't going to write a post about the change of the Green Bay Packers' November 1st game against the Vikingsfrom noon to 3:15p.m., because I don't have a preference when it's played. But then I read Greg Bedard's great tweet:

Let's see, 3 hours of additional tailgating time for Favre's return. Yeah, that's going to help things.

Mitchell just pointed out that RB DeShawn Wynn isn't having a good season. Then it's reported that the Packers tried out a couple running backs, RB Ryan Torian and RB Quinton Ganther. Maybe it's a sign GM Ted Thompson has lost faith in in Wynn too. But then Greg Bedard again sets me straight. From, discussing the news last month that LT Levi Jones came in for a workout:

That the Packers worked out so many offensive lineman does not mean anything. NFL teams, during the first four to six weeks of the season, routinely work out several players at the same position. Two weeks ago, the Packers worked out quarterbacks and receivers. Next Tuesday it could very well be running backs and linebackers.

Final word on the signing of RT Mark TauscherBob McGinn says Tauscher will receive $700,000 in base salary, another $400,000 potential incentives, and comes with a $1.3 million cap charge.