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Aaron Rodgers On Holding The Ball

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The Green Bay Packers remain 1st in the league in sacks allowed with 20. There are a couple teams close on their heels (the Bills have allowed 18, the Lions and Chiefs have allowed 17 each), but all those teams have played 5 games. You have to go down to Carolina at No. 11 with 12 sacks allowed to find another team that's only played in 4 games.

While the primarily culprit has been the poor play at tackle, QB Aaron Rodgers has deserves some blame for all those sacks. Greg Bedard asked him again about it; from

"You know what? I'm playing the way I feel like I'm playing. I'm playing with instincts and, yeah, a couple times I probably held the ball a little too long but we need to all do our jobs, myself included, and I'm going to do better and get the ball out of my hands as quickly as I can. But we need to protect a little better as well."

My opinion is that he's playing just fine, under normal circumstances. But right now, his offensive line is struggling and he has to be aware of it. He has some responsibility to get rid of the ball as soon as the play called allows. What do you think about his quote? Should he even admit he's doing anything wrong?