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How Big Should Brett Favre's Waffle Be?

From SBNation/NFL:

Mayor Jim Schmitt is "asking for public input on the best way to respectfully ‘welcome back’ one of the City’s most famous former residents: new Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre."

From the Office of the Mayor, follow the link to send the Mayor your thoughts:

Mayor Schmitt has fielded a wide variety of ideas from Packer fans on how to commemorate the occasion, from re-naming streets, to welcoming back other former Packers greats, to creating the world’s largest #4 waffle.

OK, it might seem like a good idea to suggest ways to burn Favre's jersey, but the Mayor is trying to do something commemorative, not destructive. I'm not submitting anything, because he's not my favorite player at the moment. But I'm pointing this out to those readers who are actually still his fans.

Although, as you've noticed in this post title, I think making him a giant waffle is a dumb idea.