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Sprint and NFL Mobile Live

This is a post sponsored by Sprint to promote NFL Mobile Live and Sprint Can't-Miss Plays.

I've been meaning to write this post for two weeks, but I've been embarrassed to do it. Because before I was asked to try out NFL Mobile Live with Sprint I was a Smartphone virgin. I had never tried out an iPhone, Blackberry, or anything similar. My previous flip phone was based on state-of-the-art 1990s era technology.

The phone I've been using for NFL Mobile Live is a Palm Pre. My only two complaints have been that it was hard to get used to (it took about 30 minutes to get used to the touch screen and where everything is) and it's a battery hog, but apparently the reviewer at had the same complaints. It apparently drains as much battery as an iPhone, so neither phone is great on the road. But NFL Mobile Live isn't just for the Palm Pre, it's compatible with many phones.

This has been my first experience with Sprint and my reception is very good. I've heard bad things about AT&T and the iPhone. And NFL Mobile Live is included with the basic Simply Everything and Everything Data plan. You select your favorite team, so the previous game score pops up automatically. Since Smartphones are lousy with Flash players, this is currently the best way to watch game highlights. And it has a lot of game recap, stats, and even SB Nation news and stories. 

And go vote for the Sprint Can't-Miss Plays once voting is open Tuesday at 3pm EST. That sick catch by WR Donald Driver had better be one of them. It's a free chance to win tickets to watch the Packers beat some AFC patsy in the Super Bowl!