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NFL Trade Deadline Today, 3pm CST

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I haven't read of any trade rumors involving the Green Bay Packers, though Greg Bedard asked if LB Desmond Bishop might be traded. The only obvious move might have been a trade for a veteran offensive tackle, but signing RT Mark Tauscher has that covered.

GM Ted Thompson hasn't been shy about making a trade, especially if it involves a team based in New York, and there were plenty of TE Tony Gonzalez rumors last season

The two big trades this month has been WR Braylon Edwards to the NY Jets, which seems like a win so far for the Jets. And the Bears traded for DE Gaines Adams, and that seems like an early win for the Buccaneers. The Bears might not be done either. With injuries to LB Hunter Hillenmeyer and LB Brian Urlacher, they might receive LB Derrick Johnson from the Chiefs.

Will see if anything happens today. And should the Packers be making a move?