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On Signing Ahman Green

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UPDATE: It's official, they've signed Green and placed DeShawn Wynn on I.R.

I was waiting until the end of Tuesday for some official word, but no such luck. It's still unclear whether the Green Bay Packers will sign RB Ahman Green.

Greg Bedard reported at that the signing was reported. But shortly afterwards he reported that it may not happen at all, however, Green already has a copy of the playbook. Now his gut feeling is a signing tomorrow and RB DeShawn Wynn is placed on I.R. And that's all I've got on it.

Assuming Green is signed and Wynn is placed on I.R., it doesn't have much effect. The Packers have not had more than 2 RBs active each week, and I would expect Green would be left inactive for at least a few weeks. Just like RT Mark Tauscher, he's coming off an injury in 2008 and hasn't been in pads since then. Even if he does move ahead of RB Brandon Jackson, at the most, he's looking at 2 carries and 2 receptions/game. He would only play on a couple series in place of RB Ryan Grant.

The biggest impact would be that Green would have a real shot at becoming the leading rusher in franchise history. He's only 45 yards behind FB Jim Taylor.