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SB Nation NFL Week 7 Picks

Here's are the Week 7 picks by the SB Nation NFL writers.

I agreed with all of them except for two:

  • The Bengals will beat the Bears in Cincinnati. I made this pick after watching the Bears come up short in Atlanta, so it did cloud my judgment somewhat. The Bengals can run and pass against the Bears, but can the Bears run the ball against the Bengals? They don't seem to be running the ball well against anyone, except if RB Matt Forte is playing the Lions. The Bears will need a big game from QB Jay Cutler to pull out the win, which is likely considering the suspect Bengal pass defense (QB Matt Schaub had 392 yards against them last week).
  • The Raiders will beat the Jets in Oakland. I don't like east coast teams traveling to the west coast. The Jets lost in Oakland last season. RB Thomas Jones might run for over 200 yards again this week, but QB Mark Sanchez might have another 5 INT performance against a solid Raider secondary. The Raiders won't score many points, but they don't need many to squeak out another 13-9 type victory.