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Week 8 - The SB Nation NFL Writers Have Spoken

The Week 8 SB Nation NFL picks are up, and we've decided that the Green Bay Packers will win on Sunday. Though I picked the Rams over the Lions (St. Louis has to win at least 1 game right?) and that the Jaguars will beat the Titans. I guess since QB Vince Young is starting this week, and all he does is win games, I'm probably wrong about that one.

Also, the Week 8 NFL Power Rankings have the Packers standing pat at No. 12 again this week. Somehow they were overtaken by THREE 4-2 teams who jumped them in the standings. The Eagles, Cardinals, and Cowboys. I know the Packers haven't played a game against a real NFL team since the beginning of October, but come on. I can make an argument for the Cardinals and Cowboys, they had good wins last week against the Giants and Falcons. But the Eagles only beat the free falling Redskins. And didn't they just lose to the Raiders, who got destroyed by the Jets last week?

We should also have are NFL fantasy sit/start recommendations up on Friday too.