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Open Thread(s) Roll Call: Packers at Vikings

The comments were awesome in the two open threads. My thanks to everyone who participated.

Roll Call: sixth, BoeJouma, Vermont Cubs Fan, Dikembe Meiztombo, 49er16, wrhc59, blueguitarbob, PackFaninFL, Clutch16, bizzle4, Terrekain, vitaminx, Steeler_, Bush League All Star, Danwood, verno329, dc_allday, JohnHannahRules, The Lone Figure, corn blight, Green and Bold, cjmulrain, texwestern, 49ersCAN, Mitchell_M, bleedbluegold03, mkcubs21, PackaCracka, OznCoop, deron williams, Ted Simmons Speed Camp, Cody_3_twins, RogersPark Kris, pumpkinking, Gravity, zsxander567, JGomes31, PackerGirl, Charlie Kelly, gangstaff, FoulJack, fleeb, tfrabotta, ThorCo, Section 339, rudi, Michael M, 44FAN, Themanthemyththelegend, vahawk, Weldon, trippingandy, CheezeconQueso, Rev Halofan, Zorakathura, Brandon