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Everyone Was Watching Monday Night Football

No wonder FOX was imagining the Green Bay Packers game in Minnesota was on their network; they knew everyone would be watching it. From Shutdown Corner:

Last night's Monday Night Football game between the Packers and Vikings was the most-watched program in cable history, drawing in 21.8 million viewers. That comes out to a 15.3 rating.

Perhaps even more mind-blowing? The rating in Green Bay was a 49.7. The rating in Minneapolis was 58.3. Those numbers are Super Bowl-esque.

More from the new SBNation blog, Inhistoric:

You really have to take a step back to appreciate how remarkable 20 million viewers is -- particularly on cable. Green Bay and Minnesota are two of the smallest markets in the NFL, and yet their meeting garnered far more viewers than any NBA Finals or World Series game from the past several years. There's no way the NBA could produce 20 million viewers, not even if Kobe Bryant and LeBron James met in the finals -- can you imagine if the Minnesota Timberwolves and Milwaukee Bucks met in the finals? David Stern would be drawing his suicide note. Same thing with baseball: a Twins-Brewers series would be a ratings nightmare.