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NFL Power Rankings; Wide Receivers In The News

It's a light news week for the Green Bay Packers during the bye week, at least until RT Mark Tauscher is signed sometime this week.

The SB Nation NFL writers have put together our Week 5 NFL Power Rankings. It's kindof like the BCS; we don't do them at first, but they start at some point during the season. The Packers come in at No. 15. The only 2 loss team ahead of them is the Steelers, and they're ranked right behind the No. 14 Bengals. Go see the entire list, and let me know if we messed up.

Suddenly the 49ers sign WR Michael Crabtree. Although Fooch doesn't expect anything from him this season, since he's lost so much practice time. From Niners Nation:

PFT argues this ends up lose-lose, and in terms of the on-field product it probably is lose-lose.  But in terms of saving face, the 49ers end up somewhat winners out of this.  In the end, it's all over and done with and simply time to look to the future.  Neither side can recover the lost time, but at least the 49ers have been playing well without Crabtree.  We'll see how the season treats him going forward.

The Browns trade WR Braylon Edwards to the Jets? The Browns won't miss him, he's done nothing on the field so far, but what are the Jets thinking? From Gang Green Nation:

I really like this trade. There's no question Edwards has number one receiver talent. He can stretch the field and draw double coverage. It potentially gives the Jets the chance to use the GiantsEli Manning model. They gave him the big target as a safety blanket, Plaxico Burress. Burress drawing double coverage made life easier for the run game since defenses had to key on him. The struggling backs aren't going to see as many eight man fronts with Edwards there to stretch the field...

Why does the reward make it worth the risk? The price. The Jets gave up a couple of backup caliber players and a couple of midround picks. If it doesn't work out, they really haven't given up all that much. They kept their top two selections in next year's loaded Draft.