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Sacks: Is It Rodgers or The O-Line?

Great article by JJ Cooper about the Green Bay Packers sack debacle. His title focuses on QB Aaron Rodgers, but there's plenty of blame to go around. From Fanhouse:

Barbre has allowed five sacks, Colledge has allowed four, Lang has allowed two and Clifton has allowed one. Those 12 sacks are more than all but six teams have given up this season. The Packers' interior linemen have allowed only two sacks, so when it comes to pass rushing, the problem is limited to the edges...

But Rodgers deserves some of the blame as well, as he showed on Monday. On four of the Vikings eight sacks, Rodgers held the ball for more than three seconds (as much as 5.7 seconds on one sack) and another turned into a sack because of a busted play...

The average sack occurs somewhere between 2.7 and 2.8 seconds after the snap of the ball.

Given the poor play of the offensive tackles, he's holding the ball too long. Given his style of play, looking to move around the pocket or rollout when the pocket collapses, it doesn't look like he's doing anything wrong. Since he's very good at throwing on the run, he might be better off keeping the play alive and looking for a receiver. It might disrupt the offense to look for the checkdown receiver instead of the man downfield. Should they change the offense until the tackles prove their able to protect him?