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Sacks: Where Is Aaron Kampman?

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The Green Bay Packers are currently ranked No. 26 overall in the NFL with only 5 sacks through 4 games. The most obvious problem, maybe, is that former DE and current LB Aaron Kampman is being asked to do a lot more on offense then just rush the QB this season. From Greg Bedard (

So far, Kampman has registered just one sack. It's his lowest four-game total since 2004. He had four at this point last season.

According to statistics supplied by the coaches, Kampman has been credited with two quarterback pressures/hurries, both in the opener against Chicago. He had nine through four games last season.

(It should be pointed out that the Packers said Kampman leads the team with 11 quarterback hits. But it's not known what the criteria for that are. Last year's staff combined hits with pressures.)

It seems like he's had plenty of opportunities to rush the QB, but he just isn't getting there as often as he had the previous three seasons. Although he certainly isn't rushing the QB as much as he used to. He's turning 30 years old later this season. Is he just slowing down or is the scheme holding him back? Would the Packers dormant pass rush improve if they just let him focus on rushing the QB?