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Brief Recap: Vikings defeat Green Bay Packers 38-26

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QB Brett Favre sure was pumped up beating his old team. I lost whatever respect I had left for him after that one. He wasn't supposed to throw the game, but for all his talk about being "it's just another game", it sure looked like payback time. I'm a Packer fan first, although you can find me defending him up-and-down if you feel like combing through this site's archives. Hopefully karma kicks him hard some day.

As to the rest of the game. It sure would have been great if the offense had shown up in the 1st half. Or the special teams unit had shown up at all. And it sure would be nice if LT T.J. Lang and RT Allen Barbre could be benched in favor of LT Chad Clifton and RT Mark Tauscher as soon as next game. Or they could rush the passer, or play better defense in the red zone.

But it's easy to find fault in a 12 point home loss, so let's end with the positive. The team played hard, physical, and rallied when they fell down 24-3. The receivers and backs worked hard for extra yards. QB Aaron Rodgers kept getting back up whenever his offensive tackles let a defensive lineman come in unblocked. The defense played very physical and made some big hits. The pass defense had only allowed 9 TD passes in the first 6 games, so the 4 TDs allowed today were more fluke then trend. 

It's hard not to be emotional, but they'll lick their wounds and move onto next week. What stood out for you in this game?