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Analysis: Packers Allow 21 Points In 13 Minutes

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From Tom Pelissero's always excellent film review:

If the Packers fail to make the playoffs, they may well look back at the final 13 minutes against the Bucs as their defining moments— a stretch that encapsulated everything that’s wrong at the season’s midway point...

Coverage breakdowns on special teams. Technique errors, nosy play and lack of pressure on defense. Protection problems, receivers who can’t get open, penalties, dropped passes and a quarterback with a time clock prone to going haywire.

Make no mistake, the Packers did a lot of things right in the season’s first half. But everything they did wrong showed up again in those final 13 minutes, and it’s a whole lot to fix with eight games to go.

A lot has to go wrong for a 21 point swing in a span of 13 minutes. I can't think of a single good play during that stretch. The only ones that come to mind are QB Aaron Rodgers's scramble for a 1st down and LB A.J. Hawk's INT, but of course those were both called back by penalties.