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The Acme Packing Company Jersey Contest

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I'm trying something new this year: Jersey Contest! For the 3 remaining games in November, and the 4 games in December, I'm giving away an Acme Packers jersey from the Packers Pro Shop each month to the contestant with the highest cumulative score. There will be one winner at the end of November, then the contest will be reset so everyone will go back to zero, and I'll hand out another jersey at the end of December.  

Here's how the scoring works. Each entry is worth up to 40 points. Any question of type "score" (guess the teams' score) is worth 10 points and -1 for each point it's off. Any question with asking for a name (just enter the player's last name) is worth 10 points if you are right/tie, 0 otherwise.

Here's how you can enter:

1.  Sometime each week before the game on Sunday, follow this link and bookmark it.

2.  Fill out the form. You must submit a username and e-mail address. NOTE:  This name and email address must stay consistent throughout each month in order for your points to be accumulated accurately. You will not get credit on your account if you did not use the exact same username and email address for each game.

3.  Click "Submit Answers" and then wait for the game.  After the game we'll give you a scoreboard link where your monthly score will be totaled.