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Week 10 - The SB Nation NFL Writers Have Spoken

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Don't forget to enter the APC jersey contest. Read all about it here.

Despite the ugly loss to the (previously) winless Bucs, the Packers only fell 2 spots down to No. 16 in the SB Nation NFL Week 10 Power Rankings.

Check SB Nation NFL for the NFL Week 10 Picks. The last time I looked, only 4 of the 32 NFL writers picked the Packers to win. 

Also, check out our SB Nation Fantasy site for Week 10 sit and start recommendations. One good recommendation is to look on waivers for receivers facing the Packers over the next three weeks. 

The first Thursday game already caught my fantasy team in a lineup mishap. I picked up the 49ers defense earlier this week because I thought they had a good match-up, but it didn't clear waivers until Thursday morning. Of course I forgot to adjust my lineup once they were added and they went off for 20+ points against the Bears. Typical, dumb luck. Did the Thursday night game mess up anybody else yet?