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New Starters: RT T.J. Lang and OLB Brad Jones

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It looks like the Green Bay Packers will have two players starting different positions for the first time. According to Tom Silverstein, it's a "lock" that T.J. Lang will start at right tackle. Mike McCarthy acknowledged that Brad Jones is getting more work at OLB than Jeremy Thompson.

As far as Lang goes, I'm not sure about this move. Though I like his potential more than RT Allen Barbre, he has struggled this season when he's played at left tackle. Back at Eastern Michigan, he started 10 games at right tackle as a sophomore, but played exclusively at left tackle as a junior and senior. So this week was the first time he's played on the right side since 2006, although he might have gotten some reps on the right side during training camp. He doesn't have a lot of experience on the right side. RT Mark Tauscher is out this week, but he could be back for the 49ers game on the 15th. Barbre suffered a concussion near the end of the game in Tampa, but he's back at practice. The only other option would be T Breno Giacomini, but as far as I can tell, he hasn't been seriously considered for playing time this season. Moving Lang to an unfamiliar position is just the best they can do this week.

I'd been hoping Jones could get some more playing time. He showed some good speed pass rushing moves in the preseason. He's been playing left OLB since his first preseason game, so it's not an unfamiliar position for him. That's probably why he's practiced more than Jeremy Thompson, who has played almost exclusively at right OLB. With LB Brandon Chillar, LB Brady Poppinga, and, of course, LB Aaron Kampman all likely to be out this Sunday, Jones and Thompson are the only options left. Or do you think Thompson deserves to start ahead of Jones at this point?