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New Starters: Tramon Williams and Brad Jones?

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From Mike McCarthy's Monday press conference:

We just got the confirmation on both Al Harris and Aaron Kampman's results, and both individuals will have season-ending knee surgery.

I'm sure everyone reading this already knew that the Green Bay Packers have lost both of them for the season, but I keep double checking, hoping it's not true. Although CB Tramon Williams and LB Brad Jones should move into the starting lineup, McCarthy said "the natural move" is Williams as the starter, but he wouldn't name Jones the starter or who would play in the nickel or dime. 

The big concern with not announcing Jones as the starter means more playing time for LB Brady Poppinga

CB Jarrett Bush has few fans in the comments (any fans?) and the good news is that he might not actually be the nickel corner. Bush might remain the dime corner, and CB Brandon Underwood might effectively replace Harris as the right CB when he comes into the game as the nickel. Then Williams and CB Charles Woodson would not have to change their roles drastically.