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Packers Signing: CB Josh Bell

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I expected the Green Bay Packers would promote CB Trevor Ford from the practice squad. Instead they signed former Broncos CB Josh Bell. From the Journal-Sentinel:

Signed by the Broncos as an undrafted rookie, he played well enough to hold the position all five games Bailey missed. Bell finished with 43 tackles and four pass breakups in nine games for the Broncos.

This summer, Bell had the Broncos roster made, [his agent] Lyles said, but he injured his knee in the final exhibition game and was released Sept. 10. Lyles said the Broncos couldn't wait the four to six weeks it was expected for him to heal and needed the roster spot.

I don't see what they can expect from a 2nd year player, who hasn't played at all this season, and only has a couple days to learn the defense. He'll probably be inactive on Thursday, although he may be kept active to play on special teams. On the other hand, he was an NFL starter last season and now that he's healthy, he's probably as good as any street free agent they could have found. 

Now the Packers don't have any open roster spots, until they place LB Aaron Kampman and CB Al Harris on I.R. Then they may promote LB Cyril Obiozor from the practice squad.

Though I wonder if they would have even considered signing ex-Packer CB Mike McKenzie, who was just resigned by the Saints?

More on Josh Bell from Mile High Report:

Josh Bell played in 9 games last season, with 5 starts.  He made 34 tackles and had 4 passes defensed.  Truth be told, he wasn't very good as a rookie, but he tried hard, and occasionally, he would flash some promise.  He has a hard-worker's chance of making the team this season, but out of the top six CBs (including McBath) he is definitely the least talented of the six.