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Packers at Lions: An Early Look At Injuries

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The Packers didn't practice on Monday, but they still had to file an injury report. It's a fairly long list, with a number of starters listed, but it's too early to tell if anyone other than LB Aaron Kampman and CB Al Harris will be out on Thursday. The Packers will miss both of them, but they will remain strong on defense. 

Back in October, the Packers shutout, and generally dominated, the Lions during their game in Lambeau. The Lions were without QB Matthew Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson for that one, and they may be without both of them again on Thursday. From Pride of Detroit:

If both Stafford and Megatron are out, I'm going to just chalk this game up as a loss.  We saw how bad the Lions' offense was against Green Bay earlier this season when those two players were out, and I really don't things would be much different this time.  Sure, it's in Detroit and on Thanksgiving, but I think it would take a miracle for the Lions to even make this competitive without Stafford and Calvin.  I hope I'm wrong, but like I said, we saw what happened the first time the Lions and Packers played and Stafford and Calvin watched from the sideline.