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Up From The Practice Squad: CB Trevor Ford

Although the Green Bay Packers just signed free agent CB Josh Bell, they decided to also promote CB Trevor Ford from the practice squad to the active roster. I don't know why Ford was needed now, but my best guess is that there's enough inexperience in the secondary that they might have to bench an ineffective player. Plus there have been enough signings of cornerbacks over the past week, and the Packers have already lost two players off the practice squad this season to the Bills, that they may have felt it's safer to keep Ford on the active roster where he can't be swiped. 

If you didn't watch the final preseason game in Tennessee, you missed watching Ford get burned earlier and often in pass coverage. But he appears to be a sure tackler, and good in run support, so maybe with some safety help, he could be adequate in coverage, if needed. But I expect he'll be inactive for the Thursday's game.