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The Day After: Green Bay Packers Loss To The Vikings

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On the Green Bay Packers offensive line. From Mike McCarthy:

Offensive line, I'm going to take the week, very similar to last week. I'm going to see how Chad Clifton progresses through the week. I also want to see how Mark Tauscher progresses through the week. Then have an opportunity to grade the film this morning and go through the corrections today with the offensive linemen who played in the game. We'll take that through the week, just very similar to what we did last week. 

DE Cullen Jenkins on "things". From the Journal-Sentinel:

"It's tough. We have players who are good at doing stuff and we're not doing it. You want to win, and when you're not winning those things you start questioning, is it that people really want to win or they really want to accomplish another goal, just running what they want to run? I don't know. It's tough, though."

McCarthy's response:

(In addition to what Jolly said, did you see the things Cullen Jenkins had to say about the defense?) 
Yes I did. Jeff just made me aware of them. Our schedule doesn't change. I've been with the coaches all morning, going through the tape. Cullen and I will have a conversation. 

Maybe there are limits to what the things the new 3-4 defense can do. From the Press-Gazette:

The Packers’ defensive coordinator deployed an extra rusher on seven of Favre’s 25 dropbacks — 28 percent, up from 17.2 on Oct. 5. But with the exception of one ball ILB Nick Barnett knocked out of the veteran’s hand, Favre sliced and diced, completing 5 of 7 passes for 59 yards and the clinching touchdown against the blitz.

On the VikingsFrom Aaron Schatz:

The Vikings are awfully impressive. They've turned into an all-around team this year. Adding Brett Favre is part of that, of course, but the receivers have really improved. Sidney Rice has blossomed, and Percy Harvin is excellent for a rookie. On defense, they're getting on without Antoine Winfield. Their weakest unit now is probably the linebackers, but even they are league average.