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LB Brandon Chillar Out For "A Couple of Weeks"

I should have posted this yesterday. The Green Bay Packers will be without starting ILB Brandon Chillar for at least the next game against the Bucs. From Mike McCarthy:

We had a number of players banged up from the game, but the one significant injury, Brandon Chillar had a broken hand. He will have surgery today, and with the information that will come out of the surgery, the forecast will probably be a couple of weeks, and I think he'll then be able to play with a club.

Although the coaches obviously prefer him over LB A.J. Hawk or LB Desmond Bishop, his absence for 1 or 2 games is not a big loss. Hawk or Bishop replace most of what Chillar provides at inside linebacker. It appeared that Hawk and Bishop rotated in place of Chillar against the Vikings, but it didn't seem to be broken down by passing vs. rushing downs. As much as I'd like to see Hawk fulfill some of his potential, I hope it's Bishop who plays most of the time in Chillar's absence.