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McCarthy On: Rodgers, O-Line, LB, The Blitz, ILB, and Spencer Havner

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Mike McCarthy addressed a few big points in his Wednesday press conference.

  • QB Aaron Rodgers didn't practice due to his foot sprain, but McCarthy said "I fully anticipate him playing in the game."
  • RT Mark Tauscher "took the majority of the reps" and LT Chad Clifton "looked healthy today."
  • C Jason Spitz's lower back injury is "just kind of not making progress" so C Scott Wells looks to remain the starter for a while longer.
  • LB A.J. Hawk "will take the majority of the reps in both the base and nickel" in place of LB Brandon Chillar, as he recovers from his hand surgery. Why won't LB Desmond Bishop start? Because "based on our evaluations...someone goes in front of the other."
  • On the blitz packages: "Our number one target was to be better in run defense, so we're doing a better job there, and I think we'll continue to grow in our pressure packages throughout our other situations." 
  • On penalties: "Trust me, Johnny Jolly has been spoken to."
  • TE Jermichael Finley is probably out again on Sunday. His absence hasn't been noticed in large part due to TE Spencer Havner, about who McCarthy said "He runs better than than people think that he does, and he's been productive. He's got very natural hands. You've always seen that in his time here...I'm very proud of him."