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Well, This Is News

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We knew Jason Spitz was out for Sunday with an unspecified lower back injury sustained in practice.  His injury has taken a turn for the worse; Spitz was put on injured reserve yesterday.

One man who gains from this development is Scott Wells, the formerly-unseated starting center who now finds himself back with the first string.  Most people believed that, while Wells is a superior technician and has more experience, his weak base and undersized stature made him an ill-fit at the center of the offensive line.  Enter Jason Spitz, who is much bigger and stronger than Wells.

The move to I.R. is a shocker to me, as it leaves depth on the offensive line even thinner than before.  However, if you're going to lose a starter, it may as well be at a position where you have a backup of Wells' caliber.  Wells played relatively well against Minnesota (read: he was only tossed out of the way once), and Tampa Bay doesn't figure to challenge him much.

In any case, it's a shame that Spitz has to spend the rest of the year in street clothes.  With all that free time, what will he do with himself?  Aside from make conversation with Justin Harrell (who's been down this road before), let's hope he helps the line any way he can.