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Green Bay Packers Add Two Players To The Practice Squad

In a surprising move, QB Mike Reilly was signed by the Rams from the Packers' practice squad. With QB Marc Bulger likely to go on I.R., the Rams apparently needed another QB. I had been looking forward to watching Reilly next preseason, but he doesn't appear to be the next QB Kurt Warner. Hopefully.

To replace Reilly, and LB Cyril Obiozor, who was just added to the active roster, the Packers signed two players:

LB Robert Francois appears to be similar to LB Brad Jones. Francois is a little bigger and stronger (6'2", 244, 23 225 lb. reps, 4.31 20 yard shuttle), and Jones is a little faster (6'3", 232, 19 225 lb. reps, 4.21 20 yard shuttle). Their 40 yard times are almost identical, but I like to point out the 20 yard shuttle time as an example that Jones has a quick first step. He sounds like a great athlete, but he doesn't sound like a unique athletic talent. 

QB Chris Pizzotti was signed to replace Reilly. From his draft profile, he appears to be a good athlete, and the Harvard grad is probably no dummy. It sounds like he has the physical ability and intelligence to play in the NFL, but he's a project due to poor mechanics. If he could be stashed on the practice squad until 2011, then it might be interesting to see if he could turn himself into a promising young QB after a couple seasons of NFL coaching.