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The Packers Deal With Bad Weather, And Injuries

For the Green Bay Packers, the biggest problem this week might be the foot of snow and the wind advisory. Mike McCarthy said the team will practice inside this week. The Packers have been able to practice outside this season due to a new heated outdoor practice facility, but not this week due to the cold wind and that 35% of the outdoor practice field is frozen. The Bears will get at least one day of practice outside. That advantage helped the Bears over last two seasons, when they beat the Packers at Solider Field in cold conditions.

Another problem this week are the Injuries on the defensive line. The Packers' injury list isn't very long, but the top 4 defensive lineman are all on it. From Mike McCarthy:

(Do you have a better feel for Pickett's hamstring injury?) 
It's going to take the week. He'll probably be a game-time decision. Really you could put all four of those guys, the d-lineman, I'm concerned about it obviously having all four of those guys miss practice, but it's probably going to take the week to really sort that out. 

The Tuesday injury report said NT Ryan Pickett was out, while NT B.J. Raji, DE Cullen Jenkins, and DE Johnny Jolly were all limited. This will be something to watch this week. 

Also, LB Jeremy Thompson spoke about the serious neck injury he suffered last week in practice. From the Press-Gazette:

"Hopefully there are none," Thompson said of the risks of continuing playing. "That’s what I’m going to find out, I’m seeking some second opinions. If there is something lingering then I probably won’t be able to play anymore, but if everything clears out fine then there won’t be any more risk."